Updated July, 2021


Mika Horibuchih is a Japanese-American Chicago-based artist, born in San Francisco, CA (b. 1991). She received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013. In 2014, she co-founded 4th Ward Project Space in Chicago. Her work incorporates hyperrealism and trompe l’oeil–techniques to play with audience perception, often using her work to examine the line between “image” and “object”. Horibuchi’s subjects are frequently drawn from paintings, psychological studies, and artifacts from the artist’s life. A notable example of this is her collection of photographs of watercolors her grandmother made, which are mounted on linen in a way reminiscent of traditional Japanese paper mounting techniques. These pieces, like much of her work, require careful examination by the audience to see through the optical illusions she plays with in her art. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she studied centuries-old paintings, especially the Dutch Masters, in particular Adriaen van der Spelt and Frans van Mieris, whose 1658 work Trompe-l’Oeil Still Life with a Flower Garland and a Curtain influenced her own Curtain Drawn.

Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2020: A Tale of Today: Nate Young and Mika Horibuchi, The Richard H. Driehaus Museum, (Chicago, IL))
  • 2018: Chicago Works: Mika Horibuchi, Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago, IL))
  • 2017: Paintings of Watercolors, PATRON (Chicago IL))
  • 2016: Draw the Curtain, PATRON (Chicago, IL))
  • 2016: No Secret, LVL3, Chicago, IL)
  • 2015: Mika Horibuchi and Dan Rizzo-Orr: View with a Room, Heaven Gallery (Chicago, IL))
  • 2013: Mika Horibuchi, Zhou B Art Center (Chicago, IL))
  • 2013: Four-Years: Mika Horibuchi, Sharp (Chicago, IL))
  • 2013: Bad Graphics, Alcatraz (Chicago, IL))
  • 2013: Surface Fiction, Sullivan Galleries (Chicago, IL))
  • 2013: Shared Studios: Stephanie Cristello & Mika Horibuchi, SUGs Projects (Chicago, IL))
  • 2012: Mika Horibuchi: Slightly Better Than Reality, Gagosian’t Gallery (Chicago, IL)

Group Exhibitions:

  • 2020: Felix Art Fair, The Hollywood Roosevelt (Los Angeles, CA), in collaborations with: Greg Breda, Alex Chitty, Bethany Collins, Jennie C. Jones, Ryosuke Kumakura, Melanie Schiff, Liat Yossifor
    2019: The Empathy Lab, Jessica Silverman Gallery (San Francisco, CA)
    2019: In the Hot Seat, KMAC Museum (Louisville, KY)
    2019: The Map is Not the Territory, Andrew Rafacz Gallery (Chicago, IL)
    2018: Good News, Ralph Arnold Gallery, Loyola University (Chicago, IL)
    2018: On Anxiety, Cleve Carney Art Gallery, College of DuPage (Glen Ellyn, IL)
    2018: 8, LVL3 (Chicago, IL
    2018: Una vida Doméstica, Salón ACME (Mexico City, Mexico)
    2018: This is a Pipe: Realism and the Found Object in Contemporary Art, Shane Campbell Gallery (Chicago, IL)
    2018: NADA Miami Beach, NADA Miami Beach (Miami, FL), in collaboration with: Jennie C. Jones, Alex Chitty, Bethany Collins, Myra Greene, Melanie Schiff, Samira Yamin, Liat Yossifor
    2017: Tangled Bliss and Beautiful Soup: Amie Cunat, Mika Horibuchi, and Florencia Escudero, Selena Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)
    2017: Summer, PATRON (Chicago, IL), in collaboration with: Daniel G. Baird, Kadar Brock, Alex Chitty, Bethany Collins, Myra Greene, Ryosuke Kumakura, Samuel Levi Jones, Harold Mendez, Brittany Nelson, Bryan Savitz, Nick van Woert, Liat Yossifor
    2017: Zona Maco Arts Festival (Zona Maco, Mexico)
    2017: Council, Andrew Rafacz Gallery (Chicago, IL), in collaboration with: David Leggett, Orkideh Torabi, Erin Washington, Caleb Yono
    2016: Things, Soccer Club Club (Chicago IL)
    2016: Sub Rosa, Loudhailer Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
    2016: Miranda, Anat Ebgi Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
    2015: Theory of Forms, PATRON (Chicago, IL)
    2015: Complementary Width, The Franklin (Chicago, IL)
    2015: Stardust Memories, Heaven Gallery (Chicago, IL)
    2015: Neon Dreams: Threewalls Gala, Threewalls (Chicago, IL)
    2015: AFMI Gala, Chicago Cultural Center (Chicago, IL)
    2015: 7 over 7, Silent Funny (Chicago, IL)
    2014: ‘Yes, you’re in heaven’, Pop-Up Gallery (Chicago, IL)
    2014: Visual Arts Exhibition 2014, Luminarts Cultural Foundation at the Union League Club of Chicago (Chicago, IL)
    2014: Until then, Alcatraz (Chicago, IL)
    2013: KUNSTKAMMER (A Cabinet of Curiosities), Apostrophe (Brooklyn, NY)
    2013: Exhibit at Expansion Gallery, Lacuna Lofts (Chicago, IL)
    2013: Creativity in the Workplace, Urban Alliance (Chicago, IL)
    2013: 20th Annual Nippon Steel & Sumimoto Metals Exhibition, Nippon Steel (Chicago IL)
    2012: Act I: Absence Makes It Real, Leroy Neiman Center Gallery (Chicago, IL)
    2012: 19th Annual Nippon Steel & Sumimoto Metals Exhibition, Nippon Steel (Chicago, IL)
    2011: One “Hitotsu”, Superfrog Gallery (San Francisco, CA)

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