Basement Workshop Mapping Project, Special Exhibition, the Virtual Asian American Art Museum, 2022. Co-curator and developer: Yvonne Fang. Co-curator and researcher: Christina Ong. Organizer and Project Manager: Alexandra Chang. In collaboration with the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo and Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU for the exhibition “MAM Research 009: Imagining Justice – Asian American Arts Movements” organized by the Mori Art Museum.

About the Curators

Yvonne Fang is a designer, independent curator, and artist. She is passionate about merging technology and the humanities through interactive media. She holds a BA from Bowdoin College where she studied international relations, computer science, and art. Having worked in both NGO and business context, she is currently a guest curator and designer at the Virtual Asian American Art Museum.

christina ong is a PhD Candidate in Sociology and holds a certificate in Digital Studies and Methods from the University of Pittsburgh where she studies the development of Asian America though an in-depth case study of New York City’s the Basement Workshop. When she is not working on her doctoral degree, christina writes YA novels, screenplays, and audio stories that elevate the perspectives of activist and immigrant women.