Designed for authors, scholars, and students, Tome makes it easy to write and build rich media books, journals, essays, and immersive visual projects

write better

Designed for authors, scholars, and non-standard format visual projects. We live, learn, and share by the web, and yet still fuss around with Microsoft Word. The world has moved on and we at Tome believe that combining the scholarly tools we require with the rich media and social elements of the web we use, we might just all write better.

Tome's design made it easy and intuitive for all of us to use, and its capacity to support group projects offered usa new, more collaborative way to write, think, and learn

rich media

There is no subsitute for good writing. But reading on the web is emmersive, rich, and interactive. Tome makes it easy to incorporate images, galleries, videos, and maps into your projects that add another layer to word processing. With Tome's media library, archive your photos, videos, and create presentations around them. Embracing media enhances user experience, engages readres in new ways, and expands audience participation.

do it together

Education was traditionally a linear experience. From teacher to student, author to reader. Today we socialize, learn and hsare within a network. Technology allows us to collaborate in so many ways we never could have imagined. We are designing Tome to be as social as possible. Where student projects can be authored by all, and authors and editors can work in tandem. On top of this, various media types allows specialists from different disciplines to build powerful projects together. With multilingual writing, share beyond traditional boundaries.

with us

We are dedicated to developing the next generation of writing tools and techniques. By working hands on with students, authors, librarians, archivists and visual artists, we hope to expand familiarity and participation in the digital humanities. Our interests include preservation, meta-data, tags, and accessibility. Tome's research team has involved students, professors, authors, designers, film makers, and activists. Our designers have created digital books for 10 years.